Enhanced Respiratory Care

As hands-on clinicians, we have been able to develop highly successful ventilator programs; we have learned, firsthand, how to provide better care. Our Enhanced Respiratory Care (ERC) program is a value-based approach that improves outcomes and enhances quality of life. The ERC program, currently deployed in Tennessee, has allowed the state to focus on quality care, quality outcomes, and—most importantly—quality of life for care recipients. The eleven nursing facility ventilator care sites in the state are held to high standards for delivery of care. Further, our Technology Bundles are enabling those care sites to utilize the best and most current equipment available for providing that care.

The State of Tennessee collects extensive data on care and outcomes, and is the first state to implement a pay-for-performance model for this PMV population. The data are clearly demonstrating the value of the ERC program, which, in addition to PMV weaning, includes support for trach and secretion management.



Facility Quality Measure Analysis

Q3 2016: At the start of the ERC program, a significant percentage of participating facilities were in the bottom tier, primarily providing basic care.

Q3 2017: A year into the program, we were able to improve facility performance, shifting more facilities into the higher-performing tiers. No facilities remain in the bottom tier.

Changes in Utilization

In less than a year, the Eventa ERC utilization management program, which emphasized a ventilator weaning protocol, helped a state Medicaid plan to reduce overall utilization, while improving outcomes and decreasing costs by 25%.